Aftermath of the big day

As you may know, this July I was busy surpassing a major life’s milestone (at least considered as such) – a wedding. After 10 years together, my partner and I tied the knot. To say that this year is full of changes would be an understatement. At the start of the year, we said goodbyes to our life in the UK and moved to Switzerland. In between starting to learn French and organizing our wedding from abroad we also managed to live in 3 different apartments! And now we got married. I am excited but also scared to see what the rest of the year will bring.

London calling?

We celebrated our wedding in our home country – Latvia. This was also the first time we went back home since moving to Switzerland. On the first days, I couldn’t help myself but compare Switzerland with Latvia and the UK. Ultimately the winner was Switzerland. It is just so beautiful, clean and its bureaucracy doesn’t give headaches.

But after the wedding, something slightly changed in me. Maybe it was the fact that I could finally breathe and not worry about the big day. Or maybe it had something to do with having most of our London friends at the wedding. Seeing them made me glimpse back into our lives in the UK. And suddenly it didn’t look so bad anymore. For a split second, I wanted to return to London. It wasn’t because I missed something particular from London life. It was just the feeling of being integrated. I don’t have that in Switzerland. In fact, most days I still feel like a tourist. I know we haven’t been that long in Switzerland yet. But still, I wish that would change sooner. It took me good 4-5 years to feel accumulated to the UK.


Wasn’t sure what picture to use here. So here’s one from our hike this Sunday


After the wedding, we were on the road traveling our way back to Switzerland. And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sad. There is a slight chance I just got the after-wedding blues. But probably that just wasn’t it. The following thought wouldn’t leave my mind – I don’t have any ties with Switzerland. When we lived in London upon returning from Latvia I always had commitments – an office to go to, some meetings etc. But what do I have here in Switzerland? A rent, that’s it. I don’t have an office, I don’t have meetups to look forward to. I currently have more links with Latvia and London than the country I actually live in. Isn’t that strange?

Light on top of the mountain?

After a few days like that came beloved weekend AKA time for hikes in the mountains! This is something I could never get in either Latvia or London. During the 4 hour hike I started to feel more comfortable back home. In an ideal world, I would love to take all my family and friends from Latvia and London and just move them to Switzerland. But obviously, that’s not happening. So I need to compromise.

If I look at myself and ask where I would want to raise a family? I know the answer. If I ask myself where I want to buy a house? I know the answer. If I ask what kind of lifestyle I want to have? I know which country can offer it. There was a reason why we moved to Switzerland. Now somehow, I need to work out the rest!  – And this is how I motivate myself 🙂