Swiss Winter – merchandise reveal

Throw Pillow

Hello Dear Readers,

I have always struggled to put myself out there. Whether through photography, words or any other mediums nothing ever seems good enough. And let’s not forget the tiny voice that keeps telling us not to even bother. After all, there are so many professionals out there that I just can’t help myself but feel like a tiny insignificant pixel floating between the greatest of masters.

But this time I have chosen to switch off my doubts and give it a go. And without further ado let me present to you “Swiss Winter”. It’s a collection of various products with my digital photo art on them. This particular photo was taken from Glacier 3000 cable car on a cold November afternoon. The picture was then given an artsy touch.

And if you do like it I have set up a store on RedBubble . Various other items available there too.

More exciting designs coming soon!

Life in Alps x