Do I miss my life in London?

Since we moved to Switzerland I haven’t once put on something nice… In fact most days I don’t even brush my hair (don’t judge me). So I suppose it is natural, that from time to time I get this sudden urge to put on a dress and spend the evening in a fancy restaurant or a bar (not that it happens). But as fast as this vision appears it also quickly vanishes. And sometimes I am not sure whether it was just a memory flashback or an actual desire I might be suppressing?

Before we left for Switzerland I compiled a list of things I thought I will miss from London. Now, here they are, with added comments of what I actually think after 3 months in Switzerland:

Food boxes

These are boxes filled with ingredients and their corresponding recipes delivered to your door. All you need to do is follow the recipe and after 20-40 minutes a delicious meal will be ready. You don’t have to decide what to cook for the evening or go shopping. It’s easy, cost-effective and tasty. I didn’t like to cook before but since we started ordering food boxes I love it.

WHAT I THINK NOW: Food boxes are great. We still use the recipes we got from these boxes to cook food. Though, I do not miss receiving delivered food. We drive down the valley to do our weekly shopping and even though food here is slightly more expensive we somehow manage to spend less money on weekly groceries. Also, food in Switzerland has a lot better quality and taste! I eat the same amount and exercise less than in London, but I have managed to lose 3 kg since January (or maybe it’s just nerves). Though, I do miss receiving new recipes I have never cooked before!

So many recipes!

Choice of everything

London has thousands of restaurants serving cuisines from around the world. And it doesn’t just end with catering. The choice is everywhere – shopping, expos, museums, events, music etc.

WHAT I THINK NOW: Variety is nice, but not necessary in life. In fact, I am amazed how much money we can now save by not eating out and ordering stuff from online shops. And I actually feel less stressed that I don’t have to bother my mind with unnecessary choices – Which dress shall I order from this online store that has hundreds to choose from? Which pub shall we go to? Which show shall we see next?

And if you look closely most of these choices involve spending money, which is what the city life is all about. Now I usually ask – which trail should we hike this weekend? 

Once that unnecessary noise was removed I somehow feel happier. Monks might be on to something…

Friends & Parties

For the first 2-3 years when we moved to the UK, I had no social life. Even though I went to uni I didn’t make any friends. You may say uni years should be the wild party years. But that wasn’t true for me.  After sitting in lectures during the day I spent my evenings and weekends working full time in a pub. This period in my life was the worst in my adult life (so far) – no money, no security, no friends, a monotone job and a terrible apartment. Only recently I and my partner had acquired good jobs and managed to build social ties. And I am proud of it.

WHAT I THINK NOW: I don’t have any friends here, so I do miss occasional pub night out or a cheese party. But not all is lost, maybe in 2, 3 years…

Sunday roast

Juicy meat, roasted veggies, fluffy Yorkshire pudding and that all smothered in gravy – I love a good Sunday roast!

WHAT I THINK NOW: Not once since in Switzerland I have thought – I really crave for a nice Sunday roast. Surprisingly, I have wished for some greasy delivery/junk food, like Chinese takeaway, Dominos, Zizzi…you name it. Swiss cuisine is not particularly healthy – cheese, potatoes, chocolate…. Despite it, there are not a lot of junk food places. But the worst part – there are no deliveries in our small village! If there is nothing in the fridge at 7 pm we just need to wait for the next day.

Now, that I see this image I actually want Sunday roast!

London Streets

I love walking around London, I have spent here 6.5 years and still, whenever I am out I see something new. It’s a city with a surprise on every corner, you can be walking through the business quarter with tall buildings around you and suddenly end up in streets filled with graffiti and quirky shops.

WHAT I THINK NOW: During my time in London I managed to experience a lot of what the city has to offer, to such extent that I was getting bored of it. Hence, it was the perfect time to break up with London. I will always feel at home in London, but London’s lifestyle is not for me. It takes me one look outside the window to know I am in the right place.

To summarize

I might miss a few things from London. But to be honest I missed a lot more when I was living there – nature, road trips, decently sized apartments… Maybe this will change and as time passes by I will find myself missing more and more of London.

BUT, I no longer have to wonder – what if I changed my life and moved away? I am living it now! And even if it all fails I will never have to regret not trying.