First Impressions

After the first night, I thought I would never fit in. Coming straight from London, and its 8.8 million inhabitants, to a small village with only one shop, was a shock. So I was trying to convince myself – I CAN DO THIS.

Don’t get me wrong I didn’t miss London, I was (and still am) extremely happy living in the Swiss Alps – no more rush hours, no more stress, no more consumerism. Overall it just feels like I have swapped life that runs on quantity to life that is all about quality. And that should be the right decision…no?

Though, I have to admit – I hate changes. Whenever I adapt to places and things I want them to be a certain way. Kinda like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory – I need to sit in my spot.

First weekend

On the second day, we managed to unpack and sort of settle in. We also took the chance to walk around the nearby village Villars-Sur-Ollon. Almost everyone was in skiing costume and had a leisurely pace in their walk. It was a nice change to see people relaxed and happy instead of rushing around. Though, our shopping attempts were quickly dismissed as a lot of places were closed. And it was only Saturday!

Then came Sunday. After weeks of hectic rush, we decided to do nothing but have a relaxed walk in our small village. In the evening I secretly wished for Monday to come quicker, just so I could see how our new daily routines would look. I guess there is something calming about living in a routine. Of course, you don’t want to spend all your life like that, but for a majority of the time, it is nice to have structure. Routine doesn’t keep you on your toes 24/7, it’s like an old couch you don’t particularly like, but feel comfortable in.

First week

I must say, the first week dragged on. I loved the views but felt unsure – will I go mad being alone? In London, I would pass by hundreds of people every day. Here I spend most of the days on my own. And I am not completely convinced whether I like it. Nevertheless, with each passing day, I start to feel more and more comfortable in the village and within myself.

In fact, one morning in between sleep and awake I wasn’t sure whether I am in London or Switzerland. But upon opening my eyes I felt happy and relieved with what I saw. That must be a good sign! Anyhow, let’s see what the next weeks will bring.

First impressions of the village:

  • Residents spend their weekend skiing, hiking, paragliding or doing any other sports’ activity imaginable
  • The village church rings bells every hour and at 12 pm ringing continues for 10 minutes!
  • People leave a lot of stuff leaning against their house, e.g. car tires, wheels, bbq, bikes, skis etc. I guess robbery is something unimaginable.
  • Cats everywhere
  • A lot of Christmas decorations – even though it’s February
  • Residents in this village greet each other with a smile and a quick Bonjour
  • Bread, cakes, and pastry is amazing
  • A flock of black birds glide around mountains on sunny days
  • Really small children, about 7, take train and go home from school on their own
  • The view on the mountains changes day by day. Some days trees are frosted, some days peaks are hiding. And every once in awhile village is buried in the clouds. But when the sky clears I am again reminded of the beautiful landscape that is right on my doorstep waiting to be explored.
Gryon, 14 January 2018
Gryon, 17 January 2018